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Rich in colour, rich in life Earrings


Another of my favourite pair of earrings, sterling silver wave style stud posts, Cascading down the earrings are faceted rectangular Smokey quartz, rich caramel freshwater pearls & marbled colour irregular cut faceted amethyst. Luxurious, stylish & classic.


Spring flower Earrings


Highly cut faceted irregular elongated cut green amethyst set on sterling silver six petal flowers on brushed effect leaf stud earrings



Red & green floral earrings


If you aren't a girly girl i.e into pinks & sparkly gemstones then these are for you. We have from the Australian mooka creek, the vibrant deep red mookite five petal flower. Dangling underneath the mookite. I have given you very substantial size deep green agate calla lillies.



Indian dream Earrings 


I saw a pattern on some fabric in a store & my creative thoughts sprung up with these. A mix of hessonite garnet with its rich orange colour. To the rich pinks of the rubies with the plain rondelles, to the dark red faceted cut drop rubies. The will get everyone wowing at you!



Simply elegance Earrings


for the lady who wants simplicity & nothing fussy. Theses Earrings will go with every outfit as with have dainty silver pyrite rounds. With a puffy rectangular larvakite. As the movement you will see the labradorscence of silvers, greys & lustre like a pearl. 



A Blue fairytale Earrings


Cute but bold I seen long earrings becoming more fashionable. We have blue apatite rectangle cubes & heart shaped abalone on a nice sterling silver chain. They are finished on a sterling silver stud fitting 



Citrine & garnet Earrings


January's birthstone garnet has been matched with the happiness gemstone citrine. Theses are perfect in the winter when you're feeling blue, but great in the summer with a maxi dress or tea dress. Finished off on sterling silver leverback findings.



Wavy Earrings


Nature's way of creating its own design & patterns black & wavy white banded agate, with twisted cut golden obsidian. When the light hits the gemstone you will see encapsulated inside golden flecks.



Russian royalty Earrings

Only mined 3 months of the year & their main gemstones exported out of russia, making it quite rare & quite expensive gemstone. Chrome diopside is a rich deep green & is encased in sterling silver wire, added along with chrome diopside is the wonderful blue kyanite. Which is said to be a cleansing gemstone. 



Shades of pink Earrings


Part of our premium gemstone range, We have some very intense and sparkly faceted rondelles of almost white to deep pink pink sapphires. Give off extra luxury nice 10mm potato freshwater pearl on a nice leverback sterling silver fitting 



Medusa Earrings


Theses are inspired by the greek mythology medusa's hair made of snakes. I shaped the sterling silver into a snake figure. Curling around tail, I added dangling peacock black freshwater pearl flat coins . Making the design suit gothic to high glamour.



Orange is the new black Earrings


Highly polished and faceted black agate puffy rectangles. Droplets of faceted gorgeous deep orange carnelian dangling down off sterling silver chain.



Reach for the stars Earrings


On these sterling silver star shaped stud fittings. I graduated deep amethyst faceted rondelles. Dropped down to complete the earrings, grade AA cut purple amethyst stars. 



Smokey leaf Earrings


If you love your beiges and cream tones then theses will match your wardrobe perfect. On sterling silver shepard hook with sterling silver chain to create fluid movement i popped a hand carved smokey quartz leaf.



Green paradise Earrings


Vivid and intense green onyx in a plain rondelle cut. To keep the rich luxury effect up i popped the onxy with a crisp white 10mm potato freshwater pearl.



Roman inspired emerald Earrings


Sterling silver chain in between a line of plain rondelles dangling down off the bottom in a graduated style and across the top. Fitted roman style inspired scrolls build and complete the design.



I'm all circles and loops Earrings


With Earrings becoming a statement staple for your

wardrobe i created this bold, stylish and very

fashionista styler earrings.

Made of the highest quality of sterling silver flat studs. 

Dangling elegantly are little nuggets of chrome diopside

& aquamarine inside circle and loop connectors






Hint of colours Earrings 


Starting at the top of the earring we have cubes of  highly polished black agate, then green amethyst & finishing on clear quartz cubes. for the demure lady that wants to look elegant and classy.



Tanzanite circle and oval Earrings


From the one location gemstone Tanzanite comes all the way from tanzania, Getting rarer and rare by the week as mines are almost out! 

This is a heirloom piece for sure, made with sterling silver stud balls dropped down are sterling silver circles and ovals with the graduated in size plain rondelle tanzanite



Purple rain Earrings


Made theses whilst listening to the classic purple rain song. Irregular cut and facted deep rich royal purple amethyst. Shape reminds me of little blocks of ice that you see with ice bergs.



Clear teardrop Earrings


Although they called 'clear quartz', they range from crystal clear tone through to a milky or cloudy appearance. This pair of earrings have been cut to give the highest cut and clarity of this gemstone. The facets make theses earrings look really expensive. Perfect elongated drop.



Mint green Earrings


Minty green freshwater pearls mainly creates the earrings. But added with theses are another creation from the sea a soft green shell flat disc. Can be easily teamed with a summer outfit, Or to jazz up any work wear



Red vixen Earrings


Miniature deep red freshwater pearls, following the same shade of potato shape pearl. with a blood red January's birthstone of garnet drop fitted onto a sterling silver stud post.



Vibrant green & blue Earrings


Love theses gemstones for their vibrancy and boldness. Faceted sky blue graduating down into neon blue apatite rondelles. Encased in sterling silver dark but bold faceted green onyx drops.



Tassel Earrings


Simple but elegant on the tassel earrings fashion craze. I have put with these sterling silver tassles world oldest and very sparkly gemstone Zircon. Sparkles almost like a diamond without the huge price tag!



Drip drop smokey quartz Earrings


Cut into plain pears Scotland's national gemstone. Made this design as a drip drop like rain inspired earrings. Total length of the earrings are 2 inches long from hook to last smokey quartz.



Evergreen floral Earrings


I love photographing and capturing nature, so when i saw a climbing ivy the idea of these earrings. I hammered and created a ivy like pattern. Sliced square emeralds portray the ivy leaves. Ending up to a etched mother of pearl flower. That flashes and glistens when daylight hits it.



I'm a princess Earrings


These aren't just suited for every day, but can add a touch of royalty to any outfit. We have plain natural glowing hue white moonstone rondelles. The drop is finished off with and eye clean faceted clear quartz.



Vintage peach Earrings


The nice orient of the vintage rich peach colour freshwater pearls. Adding a lighter shade of pink rose quartz plain drop. Great to finish off any workwear or casual wear look.



Clear bubbles Earrings


Faceted teardrop clear quartz on a sterling silver bubble design. On a sterling silver stud post.



Mists of purple  Earrings


Rich deep royal purple faceted amethyst then with the misty colour of rose de france pink amethyst faceted drop. theses earrings are so elegant and perfect for any season and fashion genre



Orange ombre butterfly Earrings


Adorable and elegant theses delicate sterling silver butterflies at the bottom have cascading above are Mexican fire opals faceted rondelles. From the light shade to the deep blood red colour of the opals. A nice ombre effect going on. Finished on a sterling silver ball stud post



Abalone lotus Earrings


Sterling silver Shepards hook earring posts, with lotus flowers finished off with colourful flower shaped abalone 



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