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To purchase any jewellery simply go to the mail order page, fill in the form with your name, address and names of items you wish to purchase. so I can get you a accurate invoice to you so can pay by our square terminal, which takes all major debit & credit cards.

Blue avant garde sapphire necklace


This avant garde/ abstract piece came to me after looking at shapes and my mind and creativity made me bend, shape, solder and set the sterling silver into this design dangling of in graduation are faceted blue sapphires. For that Artistic fashionista who wants to be bold and be noticed!


hallmarking on the back of the centre circle.



lustre pearl coin necklace


Wow just look at the lustre off theses freshwater coin pearls in white & black. You can see multiple colours glistening off theses pearls from green hues to purples to pinks. this statement necklace will finiish off any outfit.



Shooting Star necklace


Chic & stylish, this necklace has a nice size puffy star shape black agate. And like a shooting star this has a nice trail of silver and Black tiny freshwater pearls.



Multi-gem rainbow necklace


Garnet, citrine, lemon quartz, carnelian, Russian diopside, amazonite, amethyst, iolite, blue lace agate, labradorite & rose quartz. Are what is made up of this eye catching vivid rainbow inspired necklace. For thoses who love colour this is for you.



Green with yellow envy necklace


From the frozen -30 degrees Siberia mountains. This gorgeous rich deep forest green gemstone called chrome diopside. In ovals and faceted rondelles shapes. I added the happiness gemstone citrine to give it several looks of regal, rich, tropical. To go with several fashion styles




Alice in wonderland necklace


I loved making this attractive and very bold & bright necklace. Mother of pearl in multiple colours Carved lei flowers. Going down the necklace is rose quartz rose quartz. Finished off with a huge marbled in blues, greens & purples fluorite carved butterfly.


Reminded me of the butterfly from alice in wonderland, hence the name!



Black beauty necklace


This underrated unisex necklace. Can be worn alone or layered up. Banded black agate ovals with glistening faceted pyrite. This can be taken from daywear to nightwear so simply.



 Silvery slab necklace


If your not a colour person and still want something big & bold. Sari silver thread inter-mingled in the grey cord. Braided set a grey, white slab of white agate.



African princess necklace


Big, bold, alluring faceted carnelian. Set off with faceted deep rich amethyst & summery warm citrine.


This is one stunning necklace to get all the comments & wows



Opal aura necklace


Opals come from ethopia, africa, australia, peru. The Lavender & gorgeous carribean sky blue opals are from africa. Where as the baby pink opals are from peru.

This necklace will suit all ages. Whether your getting a young relative into gemstone jewellery to the more demure mature lady.



               dash of fire necklace  


Graducated in colour tone faceted fire opal. Set with handknotted graducated in colour from peacock freshwater pearls to vintage peach.                       



My oscars necklace


Watching the oscars and notice the celebs dont put any wow jewellery on anymore so, this would be perfect to go down a red carpet.

Highly faceted cola coloured smokey quartz rondelles 

pieced off with faceted marquise to give that wow factor. 



Silver & green necklace


All the way from china our peridot & silver freshwater pearls. Created for a smart, fresh & stylish to smarten up a jeans and shirts look to a little black dress look.



All the flowers Necklace


Beginning in the middle we have a sterling silver ornate flower, then a nice chain of carved flowers in clear quartz, green aventurine & white quartzite



Sea princess necklace


This turns all heads and is very eye catching.  10mm crisp white freshwater pearl, sparkly faceted green onyx & vivid in many colours large abalone, with a dangly droplet of pearl.



Mullti calla lilly necklace


Multi colour freshwater pearls, with labradorite droplets and encased inside each calla lilly. From black agate, green aventurine, red jasper & yellow quartzite calla lilly.


This is one stunning necklace







Honey bee necklace


This cute design is made up of huge chunky faceted chunks of citrine with little sterling silver bees in the sterling silver chain.




Eastern delight necklace


Dainty freshwater pearls in a sterling silver chain with burmese jadiete coins & sillimanite.


Gives off a regal oriental deligh look of light delicate colours




Open your heart necklace


Sparkly bronze & silver druzy shaped into hearts this sparkles so much when light hits it rosary linked with golden mocha shell pearl and an very northern light sheen to the mother of pearl heart.



Luck of the irish necklace


This design was made after gazing at four leaf clovers & looking at images from Ireland.

Shell pearl & green amethyst. Just reminds me of the green grass of the irish countryside.



Purple ice cube necklace


Rich pearl kumihimo braided chain, with a natural rough huge cut of amethyst reminds me of a ice cube hence its name. Gives off a rich and yet affordable look. Again for boho chic to rock chick looks.



Diamond eternity circles necklace


Diamond cut sterling silver hoops set on sterling silver chain & nice large white freshwater pearls 



Summertime sparkle necklace


Dusky pink, bubble gum blue, rich purple & striking silver druzy. Sparkles as soon as light hits it so perfect and natural to fit all fashion styles



Breakfast at tiffany's necklace


Created off an idea i had after watching that brillant film breakfast at tiffany's. Bundled set of bright white shell pearls. Gives of the classy elegant feel without breaking the bank.



Abstract necklace


So when i finished moulding this piece together i got a fair few comments saying " oh this looks like a sundae, i see a upside down chinese style roof. So i like that this piece gets everyone talking. Made of sterling silver dangling off is substantial chunks of kunzite and a faceted blue opal drop.






Garnet celtic necklace


6mm plain rounds of deep blood red garnet set on sterling silver centered off is a celtic inspired sterling silver twisted circle center piece



swimming in pearls Necklace


Join the elite of celebrities who love real freshwater pearls. Double strand necklace of ivory rondelle shape freshwater pearls individual handknotted.



Waterfall pearl necklace


This 1920's inspired white freshwater pearls in potato and rice shape. Dangles flowingly down like a waterfall



   Multi colour necklace


The rarest of rare sapphire colours from songea sapphire yellow to emerald to ruby to normal blue sapphire necklace. That glistens and is so feminine



Vintage peach necklace


Large vintage peach freshwater pearls, hand knotted on each line on this necklace for anyone who prefers this colour pearl rather than the crisp white ones we create.



Full of hearts necklace


The love gemstone rose quartz were carved into puffy hearts, with cute little sterling silver heart charms dangling off. Set off with a multi heart design sterling silver feature.



Drop in the sea necklace


Multi layering is a never ending trend so this necklace is made up of white hand knotted pearls and a sterling silver chain with a lovely white freshwater pearl drop.



Queen of black & red necklace


Again was watching Alice and wonderland and love the queen wearing a mixture of black and red. So i came up with this very Spanish style design. Freshwater cherry red potato pearls and faceted black agate rectangles. Flowing off sterling silver chain on this necklace



Ice queen necklace


This elegant design has iceberg shapes of various size nuggets of clear quartz & rainbow moonstone. Silver & baby blue freshwater rice pearls. With a eye catching size faceted grey moonstone. Could see this being either bridal, red carpet or just to jazz up a special occasion statement piece.



Take me to church earrings and necklace set


So i was inspired by the various styles of rosary necklaces. But instead of cross just a simple highly polished faceted black agate droplet. Brilliant combo of black agate and rich vibrant green shell.



Hammered effect wishbone necklace


Loved every minute of making this fabulous sterling silver heavy necklace. After watching games of thrones this piece came into my brain. Made up with Game of Thrones "dragon Glass" golden obsidian, white freshwater pearl charms. Finished off with the fabulous and always unique in pattern Australian abalone heart.

hallmarking on the back of the wishbone.



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