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Ornate swirls diopside necklace


Another fluid creation sterling silver ornate curls and swirls. elegantly finished off with droplets of chrome diopside. 


Such a stylish necklace for the high end fashionista 



Carved flower pendant 


Carved creamy agate into a beautiful flower set onto a sterling silver bale big enough for various size and thickness of sterling silver chains, leather cords & organza ribbons



Flower leather necklace 


The love gemstone rose quartz has been carved into five petals flower. Fitted onto a nice size sterling silver bale again to change the look. Can fit various sizes and thickness chains, leather cords and organza ribbons.



Elongated pear drop pendant


Vibrant and vivid marking on this elongated 51mm x 24mm size pink striped agate set on a sterling silver bale. Big enough for various lengths and thicknesses of chains & cords.



Pearl jubilee necklace


This eye catching and noticeable piece was inspired by past royals. I have featured in this piece gorgeously rich champagne shade freshwater pearl, then teamed with a fellow sea friend mother of pearl diamond shapes and finished off with a rather large faceted piece of banded agate. This piece is really fit for a queen.



Marbled onyx pendant


I love how nature creates patterns in gemstones so was captivitated by this onyx. encase around this is sterling silver and fitted onto a sterling silver bale of a large size. To put various chains and cords on it 



The bold & the beautiful necklace


These bright bold pink hues of pink striped agate individually hand knotted. To give that high end look. This simple but long necklace will brighten up any outfit.



The royal storm pendant


The faceted labradorite drop at the bottom of the pendant has the most aurora borealis effects running through it as the light hits the facets. Reminds me of a storm. And thought the chunky amethyst matched up perfectly. Finished off on a nice large sterling silver bale. Comes with a sterling silver chain.



Black & gold Necklace 


For the more demure lady, we designed graduated plain round gold coated pyrite, which brings out the colour much better. Into the center of the necklace we have a sparkly jet black druzy with a elongated facted jet black agate drop. All styled on a sterling silver figaro chain, toggle and t bar clasp.



Beaded heart necklace 


The focal point to this necklace is a heart made out of golden obsidian & botswana agate. Keeping with richness & luxury look i choose gold faceted pyrite rondelles & peach moonstone nuggets 



Blue heart necklace 


Sterling silver trace chain incorporated  with march's birthstone faceted Aquamarine rondelles graduated from small to large as you get closer to the gorgeous deep blue lapis lazuli puffy heart.



Heart knotted necklace


Vibrant hot pink nylon cord is a very girly look. I created in the cord a celtic heart knot. I then attached on the heart knot a pink mother of pearl beaded bead. Its a simple yet eye catching necklace.



Pearl waterfall necklace 


Fancy cut ametrine shows off the hues of how nature has captured amethyst and citrine colours in one gemstone to form this rare gem. Like how a waterfall flows i added gorgeous vibrant rich purple freshwater pearls down one side of the necklace.



Turquoise heart necklace


Sleeping beauty turquoise from arizona mines. Cut into nugget shapes and encase on sterling silver chain. attached onto a sterling silver heart drop to the bottom again is a gorgeous piece of faceted arizona turquoise. 



Simple 3 amber necklace


Amber is always a popular well known gemstone. And the price of amber is always rising so grab a piece of history. as amber is like a time capsule, you sometimes find little insects or bits of plant encapsulated inside this gem.



Swirly agate necklace


This vibrant piece is made with high quality milky white moonstone & iolite plain rondelles. Added is swirly marbled blue agate. perfect for holidays and keep you from feeling down, this will cheer anyone up!



Texture Necklace 


Cornflower light blue suedette interlocked on sterling silver diamond cut circles.  On four individual strands i put egg blue shell pearl with deep blue apatite nuggets. Then hand knotted multi coloured quartz. Next strand a sparkling eye catching pyrite & clear quartz. This textured piece is very boho chic and trendy & will interlink many styles



Caramel drop necklace 


Nice simple pendant of faceted smokey quartz cubes, two rich dark faceted amethyst rondelles & caramel flat freshwater pearl. Finished on a simple sterling silver chain.



Frozen Necklace


Highly cut clear quartz. first piece is a lovely faceted rectangle. The drop is a twisted faceted cut. Finished on a sterling silver chain. 



Masai necklace


Vivid imperial jasper, with crisp clean white mother of pearl shaped into diamonds. Focal points in the center of the necklace is faceted clear quartz & rose quartz. This design reminds me of a african masaitribe design



Aloha Necklace


Vivid sea blue mother of pearl carved into a lei flower. set onto a sterling silver bale on a nice blue leather cord. Simple yet noticeable.



Silver flower necklace


Featured on one side of the necklace, I started with a beautifully detailed sterling silver floral design. This will never go out of fashion as it has a vintage edge. I then put white & olive shell pearls & little sterling silver rounds to finish.



Mixtures of green necklace


Center of the necklace is a huge piece of shell pearl drop. Flowing up the necklace is huge plain emerald rondelles and mint green freshwater pearls. Style an outfit up with this timeless time piece giving elegance and luxury.



Twisting the rose set 


Theses earrings & pendant are made of twisted faceted slab rose quartz. The sterling silver bale on the pendant is large enough to put various thicknesses of sterling silver chains. leather cords or organza ribbon. 



Rich pink earrings & necklace set


From the hot & intense African lands, this luxury faceted pink rubies & plain pink ovals of pink sapphires. To create this extravagent earrings and necklace set 



Royal rich red necklace & earring set


This vintage inspired set is made with rich deep blood red garnet plain drops, substantial 6mm plain round chocolate coloured shell pearls broken up with mocha golden frosted shell pearls. Finished the detail off with tiny seed beads of black agate to fit the piece off perfectly


Pink & purple wave necklace


Made of strong real leather cord interlocked to create the wave design are sterling silver wire barrels.

The focal for the gemstones are faceted clear quartz & faceted rose de france tone amethyst.



Dominican star necklace


This double stranded necklace features tiny but with one hell of a sparkle faceted Blue Haematite. Intersperse with faceted sky blue faceted opals from Peru.  Finished off with from all the way from the Dominican Republic Droplets of larimar.



Purple cubed Necklace & earrings set 


Two very striking marbled by mother nature is faceted purple agate & fluorite cubes. They go so well together. I wanted to create a nice flowing necklace so popped four lots of sterling silver chain on each chain is one fluorite cube. I love how they move on the neckline.



A rush of purple necklace



Vibrant rich baroque freshwater pearls intersparced with crisp white freshwater pearls. Added aswell biwa pearls to change the design up. Glistening off the piece is a lovely size and very noticeable ametrine.



My slice of agate necklace


If you love pink and love rustic gems this is one for you!

one large solid slice of pink agate is at the forefront of this necklace.


Simple but bold.



Unisex tribal inspired necklace


This long hand knotted necklace can be worn by either male or female. Huge striped patterned black agate & chatoyant warm tiger's eye slices. Find its gives off a tribal look yet can put it with many fashion styles to change a look up.



My chinese flower necklace


Set on a nice solid piece of sterling silver i put good size pieces of burma jadeite in coin shape and plain rounds.

I also put for a regal look 10mm freshwater white pearls.

Ending off

the focal point is a lovely handcrafted carved rose made out of mother of pearl. This classic timeless piece would suit a elegant young lady to the more demure mature lady.



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