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Necklaces, pendants & Jewellery sets

All necklaces, pendants & jewellery sets 

purchased can come with a certificate of authenticity

for all your gemstones to guarantee their genuine gemstones.

All our jewellery is made with sterling silver, unless you have had a piece commissioned.

To purchase any jewellery simply go to the mail order page, fill in the form with your name, address and names of items you wish to purchase. so I can get you a accurate invoice to you so can pay by our square terminal, which takes all major debit & credit cards.

Drops of Tanzania Necklace


This stunning piece is made up of lustrous white freshwater pearls set on sterling silver. With droplets of plain rondelles of deep violet tanzanite. Drifting down the necklace chain is another freshwater pearl finished off is a 6mm tanzanite plain round. Perfect for any outing or even perfect for brides on their big day!



The floating sea Necklace


Made of olive green, vibrant purple & little blue freshwater pearls with nature's creative pattern abalone. This elegant piece, is luxurious & vibrant in colour. And is great to brighten up workwear or that special occasion outfit. The lenght of the necklace is 23 inches long.



Ice queen Necklace


Rainbow moonstone isn't just a white looking gemstone, When light falls between these thin, flat layers, it scatters in many directions. Producing the phenomenon called adularescence. Adularescences is the light thats appears to bellow across the gemstone, giving it's surface a glowing appearance. 

Hence why you will see many colours

showing through it as you move the gemstone. I teamed the faceted marquise drop deep rich purple amethyst. Adding a regal finish to the necklace. Length is 18 inches long. 


Lilac storm necklace 


February's birthstone, this contemporary design is made with plain rounds & large tumble shapes of amethyst. Amethyst is suggested as a gem to give on the 4th, 6th & 17th wedding anniversaries.

It's purple colour made it a stone of royalty for many thousands of years.


The rest of the necklace is made with macrame braiding. To add and edge of simplicity.


Lenght of necklace is adjustable from 18 inches to 28.5 inches.



Going to the chapel necklace


This necklace was created with a bridal inspired design in mind. This clean, luxury looking & very gem heavy piece is made up of clear quartz nuggets. And tiny delicate white freshwater pearl that have been intricately braided into this necklace to create a design of winter buds. It will give any bride to be the wow factor, on their big day whether its teamed with vintage looking lace dress or a more modern style. Length if the necklace is 20.5 inches long



Three hearts pendant & chain


The warmly looking carnelian gemstones had been made into beautiful puffy shaped hearts. The piece is beautifully linked to create a flowing moment on the neckline. 

Fitted onto a large bale you can change the look with organza, leather cord or thicker chains. It is on a 16 inch chain.




Pink Rose Necklace


A beautifully handcarved rose in the stunning pink gemstone rose quartz. Paired with vintage peach freshwater pearls and rose quartz chunky nuggets. Rose quartz is said to be the romance & love gemstone. So perfect for any bride to be.  Even a fantastic gift from the groom to his bride.


lenght of necklace is 17.5 inches



 Citrine &  lemon quartz 



This warmly unique necklace is made up of gorgeous deep yellow citrine smooth ovals. Center staged large chunky pieces of lemon quartz. Dropped to the tip of necklace is a sterling silver ornate intricate drop. Length is 17 inches long 



The autumn berry floating necklace


This simple yet elegant necklace has gorgeous rich freshwater pearl colours,  deep rich olive green,  vibrant purple & crisp white pearls.


Elegant for any occasion



The monochrome Necklace


Gorgeous pearlscent sheen to these mother of pearl fan shaped discs, along with large rose quartz rondelles, black faceted agate rounds & large white magnesite rounds.  This large statement necklace will catch anyones eye all year round and will team up well with any style.


Its 19 inches long


Give me your heart necklace 


Handcrafted Sterling silver clasp and hook. On a mini pink leather suede is a gorgeous rich patterned purple agate heart 



Bare all you heart necklace


Gorgeous marbled pattern of deep green agate shaped into a heart centerpiece.  With mottled patterns of creams, blues sodalite hearts. And deep rich dark blue lapis lazuli hearts set into fluid sterling silver chain. Finishing off the necklace i handknotted blue sodalite rounds. This modern design looks modern but also can look teamed up with a vintage theme.



Honey colour amber necklace


Strong warm sunny yellow citrine ovals with gorgeous prehinte rondelles. Centered is a gorgeous honeysuckle piece of amber incased in sterling silver wire. This gem heavy piece will suit all age ranges & several styles. Length of the necklace is 17 inches long.



Prehnite Pendant


Pearly transulcent green prehnite faceted cubes with and equally faceted prehnite pear drop encased in sterling silver wire wrap.

Bale is a substantial size, which will fit various thickness & styles of sterling silver chains, leather cord or organza ribbon to change the look in various ways.



The secret Garden Necklace


Swirling mix of colours with pearly yellow, tinges of orangey brown & green hues prehnite faceted slab & rondelles. With the soothing soft delicate pink shades of rose quartz. Length of the necklace is 17 inches long.



Caramel Dream Necklace


If you the more demure lady then this is perfect for you.  Rich luxury caramel tones in these freshwater pearls. Center stage are three glittery sparkly warm caramel druzy rounds. Finished off with a lovely thick sterling silver toggle and t bar clasp.




Two hearts necklace


For all you green lovers you will fall in love with this necklace. Hand knotted individually gorgeous forest green agate. Dangling down on a fluid sterling silver chains are two blue magnesite hearts. brings trend and elegance to the for front.



Multi gem heart chain necklace


High quality graded gems & cuts have been used to make this extremely expensive looking necklace. We have a lovely rich deep purple amethyst, then lemon quartz and dainty pink rose quartz. 

Set on a wonderfully crafted heart link

sterling silver chain. Great for brides

from their grooms or to give a gift for a loved one. 



Rainbow waterfall necklace


Multi coloured tourmaline created in a graduated style, from dark greens/blacks to the center pinks. Such a fluid boho chic design. Could be worn all year round as its perfect to go into each season.



Northern lights necklace


Faceted labradorite pear drop with square slices of labradorite. This necklace is very game of throne regal feel but with a nice modern twist. Watch as the light hits this gemstone you get just like the title i put flashes of various colours and shades just like the northern lights. 



Citrine and lemon quartz heart chain necklace


Sterling silver heart link chain, Daintily added to keep a simple and delicate look, Faceted puffy coins of lemon quartz. While in the center of the chain is a nice deep, stronger yellow is a faceted oval citrine.

This will suit anyone so will make a perfect gift.



Rich in red and pink necklace


Here i have used rich chinese red garnet with some rose madagascan rose quartz cubes. Features faceted dark purple amethyst hearts. To match and complete with the sterling silver multiple cut heart design. Again perfect for mothers day gift, valentines or even for the quirky unique bride to be.



Simple strawberry leather necklace


Strawberry hues in this gemstone. Nice substantial piece of sagenitic quartz. Fitted to a bale that will fit various sizes of leather cord, organza ribbon and sterling silver chains. 



Glisten like the sea necklace


Gorgeous lustre from theses rather large 9mm white and silver freshwater cultured pearls. Get an elegant and fresh look from this lovely necklace design. 

And as you can guess i named it glisten, due to the adularscence from the faceted labradorite drop. 



Natures storm leather necklace


stripes of vibrant hot pink & white, blended perfectly with the slightly opaque silvery grey base of this gorgeous marquise shape agate. I love how natures created & made this gemstone. As it reminds me of before a thunder storm. 

I have attached a substantial bale to this gemstone, so that it can be put on various thickness of cords, ribbons and sterling silver chains to change this look up.



Slices of blue necklace 


Great simple all year round necklace is made up of silver freshwater baroque pearls & slices of blue chalcedony. quite a nice long necklace that can be worn with your summery dresses to your chunky knitwear.



Smokey spiral necklace


This gem heavy piece is made up of gorgeous cola coloured smokey quartz nuggets. This has a real glow about it also scotlands national gemstone. This piece looks so rich and expensive.



Pearl Rose Necklace


I love victorian/ art deco/ornate designs and here is another twist on a classic luxury gemstone.


Centre pieced is a substantial size twisted faceted rose quartz. Intertwined with cream and vintage vivid rich potato freshwater pearls.



Ombre blue Necklace 



Sapphire comes in a multitude of colours. Alot of people think it just comes in one colour and thats dark blue/ black. When Sapphire comes in yellow, pink, green, orange. And in different shades. So here in the famous ombre effect we have gone from the traditional looking deep blue/black to lighter shades of blue to the white sapphire! YES!! white sapphire. It's a highly faceted necklace and definitely for the stylish classy fashionista!



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